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In this area we are able to share some published articles and handouts from our classes that may be of interest to our students and other visitors to our website.  
You might like to check out:
The interview with Master Zhu Guang if you missed it in Tai Chi Chuan magazine. 
Articles by our multiple gold medalists, Ben Morris and Mike Abosch, who have kindly shared some of their advice and experiences of international competition in push hands and San Shou fighting.


There are also many other articles elsewhere on this site and on our companion websites, some of them as web pages, others as ebooks or podcasts.


For articles about philosophy, reality, how the mind works and enlightenment, go to


And for free PDF ebooks on Qigong to download, go to


More articles and learning resources will be added from time to time to all our websites.  We will aim to keep the sites well-organised so that these are easy to find if you are in a hurry, while also providing an enjoyable experience for those of you who like to go exploring.



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