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Customised Courses
We are able to offer a range of inspirational talks, lectures, short courses, seminars and workshops to support the specific needs of community groups, discussion groups, schools or private organisations.
In addition to the martial arts listed on our syllabus, we are able to teach a wide range of subjects.
Colin Hamilton has worked for several years with the inmates at HMP Leeds as part of the Safer Custody Unit, helping to transform lives. 
The following are examples of some of the successful programmes delivered by his wife, g Hamilton, in recent years, together with some of the comments that participants have chosen to share with you:

Inspirational Courses
Mysteries of the Mind
Examining evidence from the forefront of current scientific research in psychology and physics alongside the wisdom of sages from around the world across the centuries, we asked the questions dearest to our hearts.  The results were breathtaking. 
      "Inspiring and revealing about how the mind works."
                                                                                                          A Taylor
    "I joined Heydays in order to attend 'Mysteries of the Mind', which more than met my expectations.  What I have learned has given me power and the ability to change my perception and how I deal with difficult situations and relationships.  I have been amazed by what I have learned about the nature of mind and consciousness.  The science is both fascinating and illumnating. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone who has questions about the 'meaning of life', 'what is it all about?' etc; - who have a curious and enquiring miind and a desire to make changes. For me, this was a 'Eureka Class' ."
                                                                                                  H Dobson
     "I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this class...(it) got us to use what we already have - our minds, really getting me to think!!  We could not have had a better tutor than g. " 
                                                                                                 S Mohammed
     "I have gained a wealth of interesting, fascinating knowledge and pointers on how to explore further; more self-worth and so the confidence to follow personal goals, bringing needed changes for the better.  And a whole lot more...  Thank you g!  May you return soon.
                                                                                                      E Holleram

To Infinity and Beyond
This course arose as a sequel to "Mysteries of the Mind" at the request of participants.   Beginning with an examination of truth and how we can claim to actually know anything, we probed even deeper into the mind-boggling discoveries we had made and discussed their implications for ourselves as individuals and for the human race in its race to be human.
    "The mind and the universe are ever expanding."
                                                                                                        E Holleram
   "It is so good to be part of a group who are all looking to stretch the mind and learn something new (even if it's about myself)"
                                                                                                          M Poppa
    "To Infinity and Beyond has taken us from looking at the mind to the nature of belief, knowledge
and truth, to quantum physics.  We have been on a journey on which each answer has raised more questions. That has been part of the fun."
                                                                                                             P Rogers

"Just Supposing I Could..."
A practical exploration of self-empowerment and self-discovery for anyone thinking about stepping outside their comfort zone and re-defining their ideas of what is possible.
    "What made the course so enjoyable was your very positive attitude to living life. You make me feel that I really matter and am important.  I learned that I am in charge to a large extent about what happens in my life.  I really believe that I can make things happen by my attitudes to life and those nearest and dearest.  I also fulfilled a life-long dream and I'm convinced that the thinking that came from this course helped me to apprceiate this experience even more."
                                                                                        K Hardcastle
    "I was made to feel comfortable and confident that my participation was valued.  I learned some
 aspects of the nature of the brain and improved my feeling of self-worth.  These courses have helped the fitness of body and mind."
                                                                                             P Rogers
   "I learned that the opportunities in life are still there, irrespective of age, and I can centre on what is  important for me to still achieve.  I am more focussed on what I want to do and more understanding of how life affects people."
                                                                       E Holleram
   "What made the course enjoyable was the balance between teaching and sharing.  I learned how to attain more positive thinking and I've found more inner peace and think a bit more deeply.  I'm now more confident in facing life generally.
                                                                                                                                A Taylor
    "What made the course so enjoyable was having a lovely, gently-spoken, compassionate, knowledgeable, articulate teacher who has a wealth of knowledge and a huge heart.  I learned loads!  It's given me 'permission' to be free to make choices and notice my behaviour.  I now know how to make small changes in my life, in attitude etc, and how I can make parts of my life, which were a chore, into a delight."
                                                                                                                                  H Berry
   "I enjoyed the pleasant and interesting people.  I found the course very interesting and informative. I cannot put a finger on any particular aspect but I feel that some of the things will have sunk in subconsciously and will come out in the depths of my mind in the future."
                                                                                      P Freeman
Pearls of Wisdom
Readings, quotes, poems and stories from around the world, from ancient Zen and Taoist tales to powerful metaphors that can promote healing and transform our lives.
Sages, poets and storytellers have left us a legacy of insights, inspirational thoughts and powerful healing metaphors which can help us to find meaning and purpose in our lives in this rapidly-changing world.  From ancient wisdom tales to the latest insights of modern psychology, this course explores the creative potential of the human imagination.
   "Many thanks for guiding us along a fascinating journey of self-discovery...providing insight into many situations of life and living and an awareness of one's self as an individual but also feeling that one is part of far more than one ever realised."
                                                                                                      E. Holleram
   "Very thought-provoking, peppered with hilarity!!"
                                                                                         G. McKenna
A New You
What this course offered can best be summed up in the words of one of the participants:
  "I was in a supermarket one morning and I felt really strange.  I stopped and tried to work out what was different, and then I realised what it was: I was happy.  I just didn't recognise it at first because I couldn't remember feeling that way before.  Now, three years later, I can't remember how it felt to be unhappy."

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Enlightenment
Enlightenment is something we hear a lot about but what is it?  How do we become enlightened? Enlightened about what? What "paths" claim to lead us to it?  We rolled up our sleeves and went exploring!
 "A 'Hitch-hikers Guide to Enlightenment' has been a really interesting and adventurous journey, exploring all sorts of difficult yet fascinating subjects, including different forms of Yoga, Buddhism, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Holograms and the Christian Doctrine of The Trinity. It has been broad reaching and inspirational! 
 The recital of down-to-earth, meaningful poems and sharing of the wise sayings of so many famous sages down the ages, have been a real encouragement and I feel, an important inclusion in the Course. They are words which we can take to heart and learn from.
The Course finished on a positive note, encouraging us not always to look on the dark side of life, as we so often do, but to appreciate and be content with the happiness we already have within us and to find our daily inner strength from this, whatever life may throw at us! 
I can heartily recommend this Course.  It has been a wonderful experience and has the potential to be life-changing, if we are brave enough to take many of its lessons to heart and put them into practice! "
                                                                                                        A. Taylor
"I found the course very useful. I've been under a lot of stress and the things I learned from you, mainly about being able to step backwards and leaving the emotions behind, have helped me find a calm place. This has meant I have been able to get things done. I've started writing a book ... I'm not sure I would have been able to do this if I hadn't found a safe place in my mind."
                                                                                                      L. Lewis
 Discovering Magic - Practical Philosophy in Everyday Life

Our deep deliberations and cosmic considerations are put to the test in our daily lives. In this course we used practical exercises to polish our powers of perception to gain fresh perspectives and paradigm shifts.

Movement-based programmes:


We had lots of fun with this one!  Following advanced Tai Chi principles yet easy to do, all the exercises were based on the flow of liquid, from ripples to tidal waves. The workout that doesn't feel like a workout!

Pushing Hands
A fun way of keeping fit, whatever your age, this is also the basis of martial training in Chinese Martial Arts.  Working with a partner to explore relaxed sensitivity, improve your balance, posture and co-ordination, strengthen your legs and back and learn some self-protection skills into the bargain. 
Flow Motion
Using exercises based on advanced Tai Chi principles but liberated from the need to learn a sequence, this course allowed participants to relax, go with the flow and simply enjoy the sheer pleasure of moving.

Meditiation and Movement
An exploration of movement and stillness including meditative techniques from around the world and the ancient arts of Qigong and Tai Chi, allowing the cultivation of inner peace, balance and harmony.

Aqua Tai Chi
Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as "swimming in air".  Where better to train than in water?  Helps to develop a strong root, stability, flexibility, fluidity and fa jing (explosive power) skills.
Aqua Kung Fu
Water-based training for martial artists allows a range of skills to be developed from high flying kicks to fa jing (explosive power).  For those less interested in self-protection, it provided an aerobic workout with a difference - a change from the traditional aqua class.
Kung Fu Fitness
A combination of several Kung Fu disciplines including Bagua circle walking and the five elements of Hsing Yi provided an unusual lunchtime workout as a gentle way to keep fit, improve balance and co-ordination and generally do something a bit different.
   " I have enjoyed the comeraderie in class and found the exercise and meditation helpful and relaxing."
                                                                                                            M Purden
   "A very patient tutor.  I found the exercise very beneficial."
                                                                                                         A O'Donnell
   "Good tutor.  My posture has improved."
                                                                                                         S Beaumont
   "Good tutor and group.  It has made me exercise!  I feel better balanced and more relaxed."
                                                                                                                  C Digby
    "What was enjoyable about the course was the teacher always laughing and patient, and learning something new.  Benefits I have noticed are feeling looser and making my muscles work.  Just enjoyed the course."
                                                                                                     W Walton
   "I enjoyed the pace of learning.  Good teacher, very calm atmosphere.  Well-motivated - praised by teacher.  I learned the basis of Kung Fu forms and meditation.  I found it peaceful and good exercise and I can now use these techniques for calm and exercise."
                                                                                                             V Howley
    "I liked the teacher's positive and friendly attitude and found the positive thinking helpful.  What I found most helpful was that I could forget everything and enjoy the class."
                                                                                                            K Thomas

Mindfulness Tai Chi
It is only recently that psychologists in the West have come to recognise what millions of people in the East have known for thousands of years: that being fully present in the moment with our thoughts and surroundings, without judgement, allows us to experience contentment, emotional steadiness and clarity of thought.  In this way, it can lift depression, relieve anxiety and help us to develop a deep appreciation of our lives, our world and our loved ones.  As a form of mindful moving meditation, Tai Chi is a simple yet powerful way to experience this moment fully and perhaps find lasting happiness in the process.


Something a bit different:
Writing Science Fiction
When we look around the world today, much of what we see was imagined decades ago by the Science Fiction writers of the day.  In an age where technological advances and scientific knowledge are increasing so fast that it's virtually impossible for any one of us to get our head round it all, there are still brave souls who stand at the leading edge of human imagination and creativity and look ahead into the future to consider the implications of what we are doing.  Their works provide both warnings and hope for our species.
This practical course was designed for an experienced group of writers.  Liberated by their ventures into SF and Fantasy, the stories they came up with were truly inspirational!

 The above courses ranged from six to twelve weeks.  Movement sessions were normally one hour while the inspirational courses* were typically ninety-minutes or two hours a week to allow adequate time for discussion.
We are happy to hear from organisations, schools or community groups who require a visiting speaker or who would like us to design a longer programme to meet their particular requirements.
The above courses were delivered by g Hamilton whose studies and qualifications at degree and post graduate level include biochemistry, physiology, psychology, quantum physics, cosmology, astronomy, mathematics and education.  Over several decades, she has also studied philosophy, world religions and meditation as well as martial arts.  A former full-time lecturer in Health and Social Care, she is also a qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and lifecoach.

If these subjects interest you, you might also like to explore our philosophy website:


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