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Recommended Music for Tai Chi
It can be very tricky to find decent music for Tai Chi.  There are many CDs about with the title "Tai Chi" and most of them are pretty dire, either mournful and depressing or so plink plonky and upbeat that they might best be appreciated by a group of manic robots. 
Tai Chi needs music that is relaxing, uplifting, inspiring and smooth enough to flow to.  It also has to be long enough to last for the duration of a Tai Chi sequence without any sudden changes in tempo.  Often, only one track on a CD is suitable, and some (like the John Dunbar theme from Dances With Wolves) have to be set on continuous replay because they are so short.
After years of trial and error, these are our personal favourites, though of course we all have our individual taste in such things and you wil undoubtedly have your own preferences and may not agree with our choices.
Perhaps you might like to recommend some to us.  We are always looking for something new!
Chinese Music from WIND Records. 
Available form Gwanghwa Bookshop, London.
Tel: 0207 437 3737
Plum Blossom
Chinese Tea Ballads
Music for Meditation
Buddhist Chants and Peace Music
(Music for Reflection and Relaxation from the Far East)
Music Club, Music Collection International,
36-38 Caxton Way, Watford, Herts, WD1 8UF
United Kingdom
Chill Out - Buddhist Chants
Global Journey UK
Unit 3 Boston Court, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 2GN
Tel 0800 8560234
Temple in the Forest
by David Neagele
New World Company

Available in most good record shops 
Music by John Barry
The Beyondness of Things (Track 4)
Eternal Echoes (Tracks 7, 8, 9)
and Film Soundtracks from:
Somewhere in Time
High Road to China (Track 12)
Out of Africa (Several tracks)
Dances With Wolves
Other good film soundtracks:
Ghost by Maurice Jarre
Titanic - My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
We also strongly recommend the following albums by Maksim
A New World (Track 7 Somewhere in Time)
The Piano Player (Tracks 3 and 4)