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Real Tai Chi in Leeds, UK

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...Latest News from Yiheyuan...

New Instructors

Colin Hunter!

Iain Feaviour!

Kath Pybus!

Phil Holliday!

John Donegan!


Mike Abosch!


Nikki Ingram!

Barbara Doyle!

Stephanie Dennison!


 Yolande Sowerby!




Ten great teachers and excellent advocates for Tai Chi. 


Well done! 


Please see our instructors page for a complete list of our qualified instructors



In Memoriam



In loving memory of Ronnie Robinson who passed away in April 2016.

Ronnie was Secretary of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, Editor of Tai Chi Chuan Magazine and founder of Tai Chi Europa and Tai Chi Caledonia. 

For many years he dedicated his life to increasing knowledge and awareness of Tai Chi via the UK media and links with Europe and China.

His contribution to the global Tai Chi community was immense and he will be deeply missed by the many thousands of people who knew him.

Rest in Peace Ronnie


Competition Results

London Championships 


Ben Morris

two silvers in fixed and moving step push hands and bronze in the open weight category.

British Open Championships



Ben Morris Gold and two Bronze


BCCMA Championships 2011


Mike Abosch Gold in Push Hands and Gold in Qingda (free fighting)


Tom Hadfield Silver in Push Hands



British Open Championships 10.4.11


Mike Abosch Gold and Silver


Zhong Ding North East competition



Richard Morley  Gold 


Tom Hadfield  Bronze



European Championships



Mike Abosch two Silvers and a Gold

Ben Morris Silver


Well done everybody!


Other Tai Chi News



Yiheyuan instructor 

Yolande Sowerby

was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation Award 

by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, 

on Tuesday 17th May 2013 at Leeds Civic Hall for her voluntary work teaching Tai Chi for the prevention and treatment of athritis!

Yolande works in partnership with Age UK and Chapel Allerton Hospital and has helped many people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Tai Chi Makes You More Brainy!

A study has shown that regular practice of Tai Chi three times a week improves memory and actually increases brain volume!

The researchers studied groups of older people. The Tai Chi group and a group taking part in lively discussions three times a week both experienced improvements in memory and increased brain volume while those doing neither experienced brain shrinkage over the same time period.

The results were published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and bring hope that Tai Chi may delay the onset of this condition.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has risen to the mental challenge of learning Tai Chi Chuan, or to anyone who has had the privilege of teaching Tai Chi and watching students flourish and inspire each other. 

Tai Chi provides a form of exercise and a field of study second to none, and this may be the whole reason for it's efficacy, though we strongly suspect that you are the additional magic ingredient in the recipe; which gives you the right to be big-headed!



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