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Yiheyuan Products
We strive to provide a high quality learning experience for every student.
Our current DVDs and training manuals
and some
free resources
are listed below. 
More are under development.  We'll keep you posted!
  Training DVDs

Tai Chi Chuan: The Yang Style Long Form 
Price £24.95   BUY NOW from 

This is the whole 108-posture Yang Style Long Form on one DVD.
The introduction explains the basic principles.of Tai Chi.The form is then shown in two sections: from start to second close up and from second close up to finish. Each section is shown from the front and then from behind with subtitiles and verbal instructions.
The complete form is then shown from the front without interruption and variations of the form are explored.
This is the form originating from Yang Sao Chung, who did the form with the body inclined in his early days but in later life changed to the upright stance we see today, which is more in keeping with its roots in Chen style and is also seen in older versions of Yang Style.
A free MP3 audio file of the vocal instructions of the form is available from our
companion website:
Ba Gua Zhang: from Mystery to Mastery    
Price £29.95      BUY NOW from
We believe this to be the most comprehensive Ba Gua DVD on the market. 
As the title suggests, it is designed to take someone with no previous knowledge of Ba Gua through the traditional learning stages of this martial art, laying careful and secure foundations along the way until the highest level, the so-called "spontaneous state", is reached. 
It includes:
* The eight mother palms of Ba Gua
* Basic stances
* Tight stepping
* Muddy stepping
* Linear stepping
* Walking the eight trigram "Ba Gua"
* Circle walking
* Basic and more complex palm changes
* Advice on training and progression
* Martial applications of all eight palms
* Spontaneous Ba Gua
* An introduction to the Ba Gua Classics
Traditional training methods are used and the structure and principles are clearly explained and demonstrated throughout. 
This is classical Cheng Ting Hua Ba Gua Zhang, as taught to us by our teacher, Master Zhu Guang of Beijing.  Basically, it's an entire martial training system on one DVD for the price of a few lessons. 

Tai Chi Chuan: The Cheng Man Ching Form
Price £24.95    BUY NOW from  
The Cheng Man Ching Form performed fast, slow and with explosive power (fa jing).  
Front and rear views of the form, with and without subtitles, together with an illustrated guide to principles, stances and variations, detailed tutorials with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and foot maps where appropriate to help you to learn the movements of the form.
One of the clearest and most detailed introductions to Tai Chi on the market to date, this is an excellent home-study resource for anyone wishing to learn or improve the Cheng Man Ching sequence, while the fa jing footage will be of interest to experienced Tai Chi practitioners and other martial artists developing thier own internal power.

Tai Chi Chuan: Yang Style Broadsword
Price £24.95    BUY NOW from
This comprehensive training DVD shows two variations of the traditional Yang Style Broadsword (Dao) form as taught in our classes.
The first is very straightforward and simple to learn while the second is slightly more elaborate and allows the power and fluidity of the form to be explored more fully, providing an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of the "feel" or quality of the weapon.
The DVD contains basic background information, a good set of warm ups and preparatory sword drills, front and back views of both sequences performed slowly with verbal form instructions and a demonstration of the weapon used at a faster speed.
Suitable for use as a basic guide for beginners, a revision aid for students already familiar with the form or as an introduction to Yang Style broadsword for practitioners of other styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Performed with a wooden or blunt-edged sword for safety, the sequences are a great form of exercise. 

 Training Manuals
You can buy the following manuals as PDF files to print off or to read on your PC, iPad or other mobile device.
How to order your manual
From anywhere in the world, simply click on the Buy Now button to send your payment securely to us via PayPal, using a valid email address. 
When we receive your payment we will send the PDF file to the email address you provided. Please allow a day or so as the response time will depend on how often I check my email. g :)
Training Manual: Foundations of Ba Gua Zhang 
Designed to accompany our DVD, Ba Gua Zhang: From Mystery to Mastery, this is a 24-page comprehensive guide to the traditional training methods of Cheng Ting Hua Ba Gua Zhang, including "muddy stepping", stationary postures of the eight "mother palms", advice on safe and effective training and our interpretation of two classic texts of Bagua: the "Seventeen Principles of Bagua" and the "Total Song of Ba Gua Zhang". Includes photos of stationary postures and footmaps.

Price: £4.90
Training Manual: The Wu Dang Stick Forms
(Wu Dang San Feng Gun)
Designed to accompany our video instructions on the Wu Dang Stick Forms, this is a fully-illustrated 14-page guide which takes you step-by-step though the two forms, as taught to us by Nigel Sutton.
The sequences are a great form of exercise while also training the basic skills required to use this practical instrument for self-protection.

Price: £3.90
Detailed video tutorials to accompany this manual are now available 
FREE on YouTube:

Free Tai Chi and Qigong Learning Resources

FREE eBooks on Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation
and some
go to

where you will find downloadable PDF guides and a link to our video of the
The Ba Duan Jin (The Eight Pieces of Brocade)

Free Self-Help Guides by g

Finding the Work You Love -
 How to Find Fulfillment and Success by
Doing What You Love to Do and Being What You Choose to Be
The Life Ladder Exercise
These guides are available as free PDF downloads from our philosophy website




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