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Qigong Sets
Eighteen Tai Chi Qi Gong
(Shi Ba Shi Tai Chi Qi Gong)
The Eighteen Tai Chi Qi Gong system was developed by Professor Lin Hou Sheng in 1979.
Lin Hou Sheng is a renowned Qi Gong master and healer.  He was a professor at the College of Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, director of the Chinese Qi Gong Research Institute and the Honorary President of the International Society of Natural Cures.
The Qi Gong set is simple to learn and the moves can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual.
Although this type of Qi Gong has the name "Tai Chi QI Gong" it has little resemblance to, or connection with, Tai Chi Chuan the martial art, apart from three movements: Heaven and Earth, Repulse Monkeys and Wave Hands in Clouds.
 1Commencing Form
   (Heaven and Earth) 
Regulates blood pressure, strengthens the heart,
helps to keep joints supple.
Open the Chest Wide Improves respiration, strengthens heart and
lungs, helps reduce depression and insomnia. 
Rainbow Dance  Balances blood pressure, aids the digestive system. 
Separate the Clouds  Strengthens the legs, stimulates the kidneys,
benefits lungs and heart and improves blood circulation.
Repulse Monkeys Stimulates the liver and gall bladder channels. 
 Rowing the Boat Stimulates kidney and bladder function. 
Strengthens the back (if done correctly)
Lift Ball to Shoulder
Balances blood pressure, stimulates the spleen
Turn and Gaze at the Moon Liver and gall bladder channels are slightly
stretched, improves flexibility in the lower spine. 
Push palms Diagonally Aids digestion, stimulates the large intestine
channel.  Strengthens dantien, legs and back.
10 Wave Hands in Clouds  
 Aids digestion and is believed to calm the central
nervous system.

Scoop Water from the Sea

and Look at the Sky

Stimulates heart and lungs and improves
blood circulation.
12  Pushing Like a WaveImproves function of kidneys and bladder,
strengthens legs and hip joints.
13 Bird Stretches Wings Improves respiration, strengthens heart and lungs
and helps reduce depression.
14  Punch ForwardAids digestion and regulates bowel movements. 
Stimulates mental clarity.
15 Wild Goose Flies Through the Air Stimulates lungs, promotes lightness and helps
lift depression.
16 Ferris Wheel Strengthens kidneys and promotes back
flexibillity and strength (if done correctly).
17 Bounce the Ball Improves co-ordination and balance.
18 Press Down to Calm the Mind Calms and balances the mind. 

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