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Reported Benefits of Tai Chi
Although Tai Chi is a Martial Art, and was therefore developed for self-protection, the movements are normally practiced very slowly and carefully in order to develop precision, breath control, balance, co-ordination and internal power.  By happy coincidence, this also makes Tai Chi an exceptionally useful type of gentle exercise which scientific studies around the world have proved to be of considerable benefit to the health and well-being of regular Tai Chi practitioners.
These are some of the benefits which have been reported  

Benefits to Physical Health

Lowering of blood pressure and improved circulation.  Tai Chi is recommended by the British Heart Foundation to people suffering from heart failure.  

Improved balance and co-ordination.  Tai Chi has been found to reduce the  number of falls experienced by older people.  This is the main reason for its recommendation by the Osteoporosis Society and by many physiotherapists.  It is also weight-bearing exercise which would be expected to help to keep bones strong and healthy.

Improved flexibility of joints, which makes Tai Chi particularly helpful in the prevention and treatment of arthritis.  

Improved posture due to the gentle bending of the knees and dropping of the tailbone, allowing the spine to settle into a natural, comfortable alignment and reducing pressure on the lumbar vertebrae.  Tai Chi also encourages the release of tension in the muscles, particularly in the shoulders, neck and back.  Many of our students have reported relief from back pain since taking up Tai Chi.

Tai Chi breathing increases lung capacity and calms the mind, which may explain why we have found it to be of benefit to people who previously experienced respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

Benefits to Mental Health and

Our students frequently report that they have gained inner confidence, alertness, self-awareness and improved self-esteem.  You may like to read some of their comments in the feedback section below.

Deep relaxation and mental calm allow the world to be seen from a clearer and more balanced perspective.

As in any class in which people share a common interest, many friendships are forged in this non-judgemental environment and students tend to help each other towards mastery of this rich and challenging martial art.
In general, attending a Tai Chi class can help a person to develop their inner resources and meet their own physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual  human needs effectively.
According to the Human Givens Institiute, mental health problems appear to arise when our basic emotional needs are not being met, or when our innate resources (such as the power of imagination) are being misused. 
Tai Chi may therefore help to reduce the likelihood of developing mental health problems in the first place as well as potentially bringing relief to some sufferers.





Here are just a few of the comments we have received from our Tai Chi students via the feedback sheets we issue when they have been attending classes for a term or so. When asked what benefits they had noticed, this is what they told us:

 Peace. Asthma has improved.


 Improvement in general health and body movement. Able to relax more. More self-confidence.


 Fitness and health.


 Better balance and posture.


 Strength and balance in my legs after being immobile for eighteen months.


 More relaxed. Better health. It has improved me spiritually.


 Tai Chi has improved my balance, co-ordination and my ability to focus.


 More energy; improved health.


 Self-confidence, greater calmness in all aspects of my life.


 Improved balance, posture and leg muscles. Better stress control.


 Healthier, more invigorated.


 Managing stress better.


 Better balance, supple joints.


 I have become calmer, more confident, and my balance and co-ordination have improved.


 My balance has improved.


 I feel more relaxed and can deal with problems better.


 More self-confidence, better balance, feel more secure and from that base I can be kinder to others. (The more you have, the more you can give.)


 I feel calmer.


 More relaxed and in control. Benefits to health and peacefulness.


 Very relaxing and helpful.


 Less stressed.




 I feel much calmer and relaxed and it certainly helped a great deal when my husband died in January.


 Calmer person. Less stressed. Think more deeply.


 I feel the difference the next day. I am a lot calmer.


 I don’t get breathless and dizzy so often. It’s given me something to look forward to.


 Lower blood pressure. More stable blood sugar levels. Improved outlook on life with less pressure. Ability to take a wider view on life.


 Less tension in shoulders, legs and abdominals. Better breathing, easier sleep.


 More relaxed. Calmer, both mentally and physically. A sense of being part of a community within the larger community.


 Increase in leg strength. Calmer outlook. Concentrates the mind.


 Great stress-reliever. Good class interaction. Good class rapport. Enjoyed the sword routines, which I hadn’t expected.


 Can use the skills to become a lot calmer in difficult situations. New outlook on life. New friends. A sense of achievement.


 It is a very calming activity. I feel a sense of energy and flowing connectedness straight after class.


 Didn’t think I’d be interested in martial aspects but now realise how important these are.


 Have I been satisfied with the classes? Hell Yeah! I mean it is the best thing and I should have been shown it when I was a young boy!


 Flexibility. Calmness when stress kicks in. A sense of well-being and energy.


 Very satisfied by the high quality of teaching and all the encouragement I have been given. I have also found the classes fun and have enjoyed the relaxation and meeting new people.


 Tai Chi reduces stress and grounds you. I’ve gained a sense of inner confidence and I have stopped smoking.


 More relaxed. Flexible in body and mind.


 Helps me to be a nicer person. The lessons are brilliant. Many thanks.


 Lower blood pressure. More relaxed, less stressed, more focussed.


 I am much calmer, more relaxed, have more self-esteem and a much nicer outlook on life. The other people in the class are wonderful and welcoming, kind and helpful.


 I feel more co-ordinated and my balance is improving.


 Balance and focussing the mind. I enjoy watching the beauty of the sequences performed by the experienced students.


 Calmness, general well-being. Being able to defend myself.


 My stress coping has improved and my concentration, on days when I practice Tai Chi.


 More confidence and the ability to defend myself.


 Ability to relax. Less stressed. An increased feeling of well-being.


 General health improvements.


 I had always fancied having a go and was looking for something, but not jumping up and down or gym. Now I have more energy and a more positive, confident outlook on life. I do not get as stressed and I deal with things one at a time.


 Balance and reflexes better. On the whole, calmer.


 Much calmer in general. More balanced, physically and mentally.


 Better health. Improved relaxation and flexibility. Knowledge of self-defence.


 Less stressed. Blood pressure lowered. Weight loss. More aware of my surroundings.


 Confidence. Doing better in P.E. at school now. I like learning about martial applications and how to protect myself. (Eight year old student)




 Improvement in suppleness and long term back problems. Tools to control stress and tension. Support from other class members.


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