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Yiheyuan Martial Arts

Real Tai Chi in Leeds, UK

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The Tai Chi Rap
Here's a summary of the main principles of Tai Chi as a rap poem:
Keep it straight, and relax
In a line with your back
Keep them soft, sink down
Keep them rooted to the ground
Let your waist keep turning
Like the coiling of a snake
Let your hands be as light as if
You’re floating in a lake
Keep your shoulders down and level
Keep your elbows low
Like a puppet with no strings attached
To shoulder or elbow
To an incoming attack
Take it round in a circle,
Spit it out, give it back
Crouching low like a tiger
That’s preparing for a leap
You can rise up like a dragon
That’s been woken from it’s sleep
Be aware of all directions
While your mind rests in the void
And keep your sense of humour
So you never get annoyed
Stepping back from thoughts and feelings
Keep it real, keep it cool
Be aware of the connections
Of the drops within the pool
Keep the whole thing moving
And keep going with the flow
Without doing any doing
Without knowing what you know
When your mind is as calm
And as vast as the sea
Using power from your centre
You’ll be doing Tai Chi
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