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Relaxation and Meditation Centre
Many of you will have heard us recommend a visit to this amazing garden in our classes.  Created and maintained by a remarkable man, Buddha Maitreya, it is now widely acclaimed for its outstanding beauty.  Some of you have already experienced the incredible peace and healing atmosphere of this place, which was the inspiration for our own Yiheyuan garden.  For those of you who have yet to discover its delights, here is the information you will need to find your way there:
North Clifton
Near Newark
NG23 7AT
Tel: 01777 228567


From Leeds, just follow the A1 south and turn off onto the A57 towards Lincoln.  A short way after after the toll bridge, turn right onto the A1133 towards Newark. You will soon see the sign for the tiny village of North Clifton on your right.  As you enter the village, Pureland is on the right.  You will see the front gate set in the wall.  If you are in a car, drive round the back to the car park and follow the path through the outbuildings into the garden.
Due to the nature of the garden, the cobbled paths, bridges etc are quite challenging for people with mobility problems and not suitable for wheelchairs.  However, the lawned area just inside the main gate is accessible and delightful in itself, and you can still enjoy a conversation with Buddha Maitreya and a cup of his "heavenly tea".  

Opening Times
The Pureland Garden is open to the public from the last weekend in March until the last weekend in  October. 
Tuesday to Friday           10.30 - 5.30pm
Saturday and Sunday      10.00am - 5.30pm
Bank Holidays                 10.00am - 5.30pm
The garden is closed on Mondays.
Lantern lit evening garden 7.00pm - 10pm
every weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) in August and September
Meditation tuition, consultations, Japanese tea ceremonies and many other services are available.  Maitreya is also happy to visit anywhere in the country to give talks. 
He also has a remarkable voice and has performed live concerts in various cities.
A CD of his songs is available.
For more information, phone him on 01777 228567  or visit
This garden is the living expression of the soul of a great man.  Every visit has a freshness and immediacy about it, as if you are seeing it for the first time and yet there is also kind of a familiarity about it, like coming home. 
In this peace, love and beauty, the personal ego simply dissolves and drops away and there is just the timeless now and the oneness of life.
We are reminded, in Maitreya's own words, that it is:
"Nothing else but your own mind that creates your world.  Your world is the product of your self."
 Maitreya, 13.7.09