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Yiheyuan Martial Arts

Real Tai Chi in Leeds, UK

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About Yiheyuan 
Yiheyuan Martial Arts, Leeds, UK provides high quality training and down-to-earth information across a range of martial arts disciplines for practical self-protection, well-being and personal development.

We welcome your questions, views and feedback so that we can provide the best possible service to meet your individual needs.

Yiheyuan Established1992
 Who We Are
 We are Colin and g Hamilton.
During the past 20 years, it has been our great privilege to teach thousands of students and to train a team of highly skilled, independent freelance instructors who share our commitment to passing on the skills and knowledge of the internal martial arts for the benefit of future generations.

Why We Are Here

We created Yiheyuan in 1992 in response to requests from people wishing to find some peace and sanity amid the pressures and challenges of modern living, and from people seeking tuition in all aspects of authentic Tai Chi Chuan and other internal martial arts.

"Yiheyuan" can be translated as: "the garden where peace is cultivated."  It is named after the garden of the Summer palace in Beijing.

What We Do

We teach a full Martial Arts syllabus in regular classes throughout the Leeds and Wakefield region of West Yorkshire, UK.
Within these classes, we aim to accommodate the individual needs and interests of all students, from practical self-protection skills and competition fighting to improved health and well-being and personal quests for meaning and self-realisation.
We also provide private tuition, short courses, seminars, personal fitness training and a range of personal development, coaching and psychotherapy services.
We aim to provide a warm welcome and a non-judgemental environment in which all our students can develop their skills, explore thier individual areas of interest and achieve their full potential.

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Martial Syllabus
Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form
Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi Short Form
24 Step Simplified Tai Chi Form
48 Step Tai Chi Form
Wu Hao Style Tai Chi
Chen Style Competition Routine
Yang Style Tai Chi Broadsword
Tai Chi Straight Sword
Wudang San Feng Gun Stick Forms
Yiheyuan Tai Chi "Master Form"
Yiheyuan Family Form
Hsing Yi Chuan
Hsing Yi Broadsword
Hsing Yi Spear
Ba Gua Zhang
Push Hands
Martial Applications
San Shou / San Da
Ground Fighting
Mixed Martial Arts
Practical Self-Protection