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Yiheyuan Martial Arts

Real Tai Chi in Leeds, UK

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Welcome to

Tai Chi in the Park

This website is designed as a learning resource for students of 
Tai Chi Chuan and other martial arts.
Whether you want to 

learn more about


 or simply find some peace,

we hope that you will enjoy your visit to our site and discover something of interest within its pages and those of our new companion sites, where you will also find free resources to download: 

Similar to this site but stuffed with lots of free resources and easier to spell!

A rich resource if your main interest is in Tai Chi Chuan and you're looking for some plain speaking about what Tai Chi is, what it isn't and how to tell the one from the other!

Explores some of the deepest questions about Life, the Universe and Everything. 
Free self help guides and meditations, together with some of the latest insights from the fields of Physics and Psychology.


Try this if you've been on a quest for enlightenment for some time and you're ready to come home.

Congratulations to our 

New instructors
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and to

Jane Middleton and Monica Ludolf


who have achieved the 

Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Tai Chi Chuan

Just to set this in context: there are no belts in Tai Chi, but our Level 3 Certificate is equivalent to a black belt in other martial arts and it usually takes around ten years of regular training to achieve. Only a very small percentage of students ever reach this level.

Well done everyone!

We believe that:

"A school should exist not only to teach but also to investigate, not only to formulate prematurely a finalized system but to remain creative, to go on testing theories by applying them and by validating ideas by experience."
 Paul Brunton


What Makes Us Different? 

For our full syllabus and more information about who we are and what we do, please go to about us, but here's a bit of an overview:



We take our martial arts seriously 


by training to international standards...




Our British and European Champion Tai Chi Fighters: Mike Abosch and and Ben Morris Winning Gold medals in Sweden, 2008.






across a range of Chinese Internal Martial Arts,


including Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsing Yi  




with authentic lineages








Our teacher, Master Zhu Guang of Beijing




and we also teach Qi Gong and Meditation





but we don't take ourselves too seriously!




 Awesome trainer of said 

 experts and champions:

 Colin Hamilton



"Does my Bagua look better in these sunglasses?"





You can learn how to protect yourself...






Ben Morris and Mike Abosch - more gold between them than Fort Knox



"Don't take it so personally, grasshopper!  You'll have lots of gold medals yourself one day!"













Silver medalist fighter, Amanda Halliday, (also with friend/worthy opponent).




"Who is this young lady with

the devastating uppercut?" 







or just have a great time...




learning cool moves to keep you fit and healthy...









as taught by experienced, qualified instructors...





while spending lots of time chillin' in parks



and gardens...




and looking deeply into things...







from the mysteries of the mind...











to the fabric of reality!!










 ...though we are particularly famous for our down-to-earth, non-pink-and-fluffy,

no BS approach...



...while also, of course, miraculously  manipulating our mandatory mysterious energies.




In general, we're a friendly bunch...



who will provide a warm welcome...














and make you feel

part of the family :)












...whatever your age, gender or other uniquely personal attributes.










So please feel free to come along to our classes

or just explore the vast amount of information

and learning resources we have provided for you

on our websites.



Thank you for visiting yiheyuan. 


Enjoy your visit and come back soon!


All the best



g and Col


















"Yep, it did look better with the cool shades on! 

I wonder who could've nicked 'em!" 

Learning Resources

We have a range of resources available so far, including





 Training Manuals 

in PDF Format


and various 

free ebooks and podcasts

via our companion websites.




And we have provided lists of recommended reading


and suitable music to accompany your Tai Chi practice.







We have three new instructors:

Colin Hunter

Iain Feaviour 

Kath Pybus

and several new classes



(Kath Pybus)


(Phil Holiday)


(Barbara Doyle)


(Colin Hamilton)

Plus all our other regular, long-established classes.

Please see our instructors and classes pages for further details

We have several videos available on You Tube:

Tai Chi in the Park

 Martial Applications

Wu Dang Stick Forms and Drills

to You Tube



Yang Long Form

DVD is now available on





It's Official!

Tai Chi makes you more brainy!

See our news page